Hello translators around the world!

If you translate between English and Spanish, then I hope you visit often and go crazy in the comments section.

My life in translation began as a teenager. I had my first paying job at 16, completed several projects that made college life more pleasant, and am now a degreed Linguist happily peddling my language services the world over.

Every assignment comes with its own lessons and challenges. One thing I have found to be a common prickly matter is style. There is so much variation within each language! And so many different client expectations to meet.

Do you include the serial comma in your target English document or not? Should you use curly quotes or angle brackets in your target Spanish document? How do you deal with a client that insists on improper usage?

These are the sorts of questions we’re here to pick apart together.

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  1. Hi! gracias por el mensaje en mi blog. Yo tambien traduzco para esta compañia http://www.justaquit.com , no tengo el diploma de traductora pero si diversos certificados de idiomas, y como tu misma pones por algo se comienza y la la practica y tu curricullum marcan la diferencia.

    Nos vemos


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