I love new words. They may not always be appropriate, but depending on the audience, they may be just what the translator ordered.

And since this is inarguably a part of style–all be it not one that requires a style book–I’ve decided to create a section for new words. And today’s word is grumpitude.

Grumpitude: one’s overall level of grumpiness.

Check out my grumpitude!

Grumpitude, also known as the grumpitude factor or grumpitude quotient is a numerical value, rated on a logarithmic scale similar to that of the richter scale for earthquake magnitude. A grumpitude factor of 6 is 10 times higher than a grumpitude factor of 5.

Stats: 347 Hits on Google, 1350 Hits on Yahoo, 1990 Hits on Alta Vista

Example: Whoa man, chill out. You don’t need to be exhibiting such levels of grumpitude.


BTW, feel free to suggest other search engines for stats. These are just the first ones that came to mind.

Let’s make this fun. Confident users of grumpitude, please give us more examples. New users, ask about examples you aren’t sure about.

I’ll admit, I’m a new user, but I dig this word, so I’ll start. Here’s my example:

  • Packing and moving aggravates my grumpitude.

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