Translating the word “link”

With the rise in internet content translation work, I thought it might be useful to generate a list for the ever-varying term “link.”

So here is the question: How do you translate “link” into Spanish and what country is your Spanish from?

  • Enlace
  • Liga
  • Puntero
  • Vínculo
  • Conexión


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy Jenner says:

    In Mexico, it’s mainly “enlace”, and since that’s where I grew up, I widely use that, unless the text is Spain-specific. For the big e-commerce site I localized here in the US, I stuck with “enlace” as the majority of US Hispanics are of Mexican descent.


  2. Dou says:

    En España se usa “enlace” también en el contexto de Internet. Y ese término he estado usando en las traducciones para el mercado hispano de EE. UU.


  3. Steven Capsuto says:

    I’m from the U.S. but my Spanish (which I’ve been speaking since I was kid) is from Spain.

    In Spain it’s definitely and overwhelmingly “enlace.”


  4. Response from Judy Jenner on Twitter. Thanks Judy!

    “We use “enlace” for Mexican texts or US websites geared towards Hispanics (mainly of Mexican descent). 🙂 “


  5. Sarah Dillon says:

    Two more responses via Twitter, FYI:

    “”Enlace” is the most common word but you might also encounter “vinculo” – @terry_miguel

    “Depends on the country. In Spain and Argentina, web links are “enlaces”; in Mexico I think they prefer “ligas”; etc.” – @nj_linguist

    Interesting discussion!


  6. Sarah:

    I was interpreting for a Webex project last month that involved calling several clients in Mexico, and I definitely noticed a certain preference or “ligas”, though I also heard “enlace” and “puntero”.


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