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pic by mfilej
pic by mfilej

I’ll just go ahead and start by saying I am a tweeter. That’s right, I’m on twitter, exchanging comments and links and asking questions at the virtual water cooler that is twitter. My inner child loves it, but I do have professional reasons for tweeting.

Some of the best articles on freelancing, small business, and the translation industry in general come to me via twitter from–not shocking–other professional translators. And we are a helpful lot! If you need help, tweet your issue and see what happens.

I found a hash dictionary to help us find colleagues.

Here are some of the hashes translators are adding to their tweets as markers. If you know of more, please share!

#xl8: stands for “translate”, is used by people in the translation industry when discussing issues related to translation and localization.

#translating: essentially the same as #xl8, but longer and so not used as frequently. This hashtag can be useful when actually using the word “translating” in a tweet;

#t9n: which stands for “translation” and can be used in the same way as #xl8 or when using this abbreviated form of the word “translation” in a tweet;

#l10n: which stands for “localization” and is used when tweeting about the localization industry (see also #i18n below for localization specific to computers and software);

#i18n: which stands for internationalization;

#g11n: which stands for globalization, but is often used with essentially the same meaning as #i18n.

Don’t forget to share any other translation-related hashes you know. Thanks!

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