The 411 on Networking Coming Soon…

My thoughts often end up on paper.
My thoughts often end up on paper.

Let me tell you what I’m up to. When I’m not translating, writing, or tending to business operations, my focus is on networking and marketing efforts. That’s probably the case for many of us flying solo. And the “networking” part is probably less exciting for those of us that have chosen a quiet, rather solitary profession like translating. That doesn’t mean it’s wise for us to simply not network.

So, I’ve basically developed a little strategy to survive and even enjoy networking. It’s become a game of sorts for me, which is a good thing. If I a have to do something, I’d rather stack the deck in my favor to make it worth doing and not have to suffer the process.

Since I think on paper (or screen), this process has turned into an eBook called The 411 on Networking. My last editor will be turning in her notes this week, and I’ll be ready to do a final tweaking. As soon as it’s ready to launch, I’ll post a link for you guys along with a nifty discount for those ordering in the first 48 hours.

Oh, and yes, there will be a subsequent version in Spanish.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Only eBook? Have you considered publishing it in paper too? With Lulu, CreateSpace or other print-on-demand services you can do it in matter of minutes.

    BTW, do you have a Mac or PC?


  2. I will eventually publish a regular book, probably with Book Surge. My plan is to generate the funds to do this with the eBook. And while PC’s in the last few years have become quite wonderful as well, I’m all about my Mac. 🙂


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