The 411 on Business Networking – MIR discount!

The 411 on Business NetworkingIt’s official. As of a few minutes ago, The 411 on Business Networking is available.

I’m rather excited. So far, the feedback from my test readers is positive. They’re using words like “fun”, “easy to digest”, and “quick reference” to describe it. You guys are going to like it.

About the most common word by both readers and editors has been “useful.” This word makes me the happiest. The idea is to make networking easy, effective, and painless.

As promised, Mark it Right readers get a big discount: 40% off.

Here’s your code: EXPIRED

Feel free to pass the code on to your friends. And if you send it with a link to Mark it Right, I would truly appreciate it. I’ll leave the discount code up for a while.

You can click here or on the picture to buy.

Thanks again for all the support!

Update: The initial discount has expired, but there will be more specials and goodies to be had soon.

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  1. I created a Squidoo for the ebook! It’s my first one, so your feedback is not only welcome, it’s probably desperately needed 😛

    The 411 on Business Networking Squidoo!


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