English-Spanish Dictionary

How in the world do you say that?

James Reed has gotten a hold of a sizable English-Spanish dictionary of business, technological, and legal terminology.

It’s a PDF, so everyone should be able to download it easily. Buy it here.

It’s a  2,545 page dictionary by Jaime Aguirre, each page with four columns.

This dictionary is not kidding! It’s now part of my arsenal.

Oh, and before anyone asks, no one asked me to post this, nor is this an affiliate link. I receive nothing at all in return–that’s the sort of thing I would disclose to you.

This link is posted as a resource for our Mark it Right community. Aguirre’s dictionary really is rather impressive. Since it’s digital, it’s easy to search in either language. And it contains high frequency phrases that can be problematic. I especially like that for many items, there are several options.

And now I know how to say Ziziphus jujube in Spanish. 😛

Note: If you received the original post, I’ve made changes. Originally I thought James Reed had compiled the dictionary. My mistake. He is offering it on his site, but it’s compiled by Jaime Aguirre.
Pic by Ana C.

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  1. Linkslave says:

    Doing some web surfing and noticed your blog appears a bit messed up in my K-meleon internet browser. But luckily hardly anybody uses it any longer but you may want to check it out.


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