Great Tools

Through the years, we’ve used many different programs and apps to make our work easier. With some exceptions, we tend to gravitate toward pretty awesome solutions, so I thought I would share a few here.

And of course, often times we learn of great digi-toys through recommendations from others, so please tell us all about the awesome something or other that has made your professional life easier!

FreshBooks — Great, simple, and clean invoicing system.

1and1 — They’re well priced and have very helpful customer service reps.

Go Daddy — Buying domains on a phone is fast and easy. We didn’t love their customer service, though, which is why we decided on 1and1 for hosting.

Hojoki – To be honest, we’re still on the 30 day trial for this one, but so far, we love it.

What have you found that is worth sharing?

One Comment Add yours

  1. We actually ended up moving away from Hojoki. They closed down in 2014. And now we’re working with Asana, if you want to check it out. So far, so good, though the move was recent so we’ll see. If you have worked with Asana, feel free to share your experience!


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