Are business cards necessary?

I’m pretty excited about this weekend. After some last minute changes, this Sunday I realized I can make it to a writers conference this coming weekend. So I enrolled first thing on Monday.

It’s my first writers conference, so it should be crazy fun. At least for me, the idea of playing school all day for two days straight sound like a really good time. And I’ve requested a face-to-face with an agent, so hopefully that will go well. In true nerd fashion, I have my list of questions ready and my online portfolio is up again (it’s been blocked with a password while I revamped it); but I don’t have business cards made.

Several sites suggest cards, but I really haven’t needed them in a long time. Usually, I take a snapshot of people’s cards and log it in my Evernote… and then I text or email them.

This works well for me, specially for more casual encounters since I’m far more likely to lose the card later. Even if I don’t misplace it, once the information is in my Evernote, I’ll probably throw the card away, which seems like an awful waste.

Is it me or are business cards not all that necessary anymore?

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