Me - May 2014 cropped - Version 2

I started Mark it Right after years of conversations with fellow writers and translators on common doubts relating to style. In these chats I noticed that this topic often led to a series of anecdotes on related language issues. Given the pattern, a blog dedicated to sharing ideas seemed like a good and useful idea. I hope you agree and share your experiences as well. — Laura


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  1. Romina Gallo says:

    I’m a translator from Argentina and I welcome this new space to share. I’ll be back soon…


  2. Mery says:

    Thanks for inviting me to your website! I really enjoyed reading through it.

    I’ll get back to you.
    Mery Preiti


  3. I´m a freelance translator in the pair English-Spanish. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay. The topics you have chosen are very interesting.

    Rosina Peixoto


  4. Thanks for the responses! I love interacting with readers, and I really appreciate the encouragement. Feel free to suggest topics.


  5. translatoruy says:


    Te invito a mi blog http://www.translatoruy.wordpress.com

    Es en español y trata temas relacionados con la traducción. Recién es el comienzo.

    Todos los demás están invitados también.




  6. Sarah says:

    Really love the fresh and clear style of your website. I’ve subscribed and I think this is one of the emails I will actually be opening as soon as it arrives!

    Thanks for the refreshing blog. Are you on Twitter?

    I have a new and small blog on my English course website: http://www.geminicourses.com/blog
    any ideas and feedback welcome.

    Best regards from Spain,

    Sarah Spencer

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